Tale of The Winter Lands
Do you believe?

“Never a dull moment, but do keep tissues handy if you are soft-hearted since many scenes would tug at the strings of your heart. A marvelous read indeed.”




“The author’s upbringing in Croatia and Italy–two countries where Christmas traditions are heartfelt and revived every year with the same delight and intensity–inspired the creation of Tale of The Winter Lands.
It is this authentic personal experience that re-created the old hidden Christmas world with the new twist and gave another depth to Christmas storytelling.

JD Bass created a warm story that will spread the happiness of the holiday cheer and inspire kindness in the reader..”



Tale Of The Winter Lands


Dear reader,

Tale of The Winter Lands is a story that I created out of love for holidays, winter, and childhood belief. As a character in my book, I still nourish the tradition of writing the letters addressed to the North Pole—to this day.
When I started to write a story I dreamed off, little did I know how the entire book publishing process goes—so when the time came to share it with You, I felt overwhelmed. But with a little help of marvelous people; two editors, proofreader, interior designer, and illustrator, my book became a reality.

I hope you will like the Winter Lands, the story itself, and the message it carries—be kind. Be courageous. Give back.
And never stop imagining impossible things, because they are amazingly possible.

with Gratitude,


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Lamps under the snow -
that inspired the Winter Lands lamps

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